Building expertise, together

“We share our experiences and knowledge and contribute to the network performance. Teamwork, solidarity and warmth in our work environment are our most appreciated and recognized values. We often give and request feelings to our collaborators.”

ParexGroup in Chile, today

Nowadays ParexGroup Chile has 3 operating factories, covering all the length of the country: one in the north, in the city of Arica, another one in the south, in the city of Los Ángeles, and the main one in the capital, Santiago, where the Chilean headquarters are located too.

Our History

PAREXGROUP started its activities in Chili in July 2004, right after the Adilisto Ltda. factory acquisition to Polpaico company. Nowadays Parex Chile has achieved an important growth, great positioning and loyalty among its clients.


Julien Latrille, Parex Group Chile’ CEO